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What To Know About RCSA Today     

When people want to know their current health risks and how to better address them, they see their doctor. When financial institutions want a checkup on their operational risk approaches and their control environment, they can turn to the risk and control self-assessment (RCSA).  

Through RCSA, teams throughout an organization collaborate to identify and rank risks, identify and evaluate the effectiveness of the controls for those risks, and plot a course to fill gaps and monitor progress going forward.  

The Importance of RCSA 

A foundational article in The Global Treasurer notes that, among other benefits, RCSA:  

  • “Encourages both management and staff to assume responsibility for internal controls.” 
  • “Provides the opportunity to focus efforts on important informal as well as formal controls.” 
  • “Acts as a bottom-up feedback mechanism.” 

Roughly two decades since banks began incorporating RCSA, a recent RMA and PwC survey found that many are now revisiting methodologies and approaches. About three-quarters of respondents said they had enhanced their RCSA programs over the past 12 months.  

The Driving Forces for Change  

  • Smaller financial institutions continue to focus on methodology changes, such as risk rating approach and guidance, to meet day-to-day implementation challenges and address regulatory feedback.  
  • Larger institutions seek to enhance methodology, execution, and technology use to improve RCSA quality and create efficiencies.  

In an RMA Journal interview about the survey, Alex Pflepsen, a partner in PwC’s Enterprise and Operational Risk Management practice, said demonstrated commitment from leadership is key to optimizing RCSA. “It sends a clear message about the program’s importance,” he said, “and how outputs should be used to manage risk.”  

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