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Chapter Awards & Recognition

RMA believes in the importance of recognizing outstanding chapters for their achievements.  The dedication of the volunteer chapter boards to further RMA’s mission is a testament to the strength of our association and its members.  RMA Chapters are recognized on an annual basis for their accomplishments via the William F. Githens Chapter Awards Program and the Chapter Excellence Awards.



Chapter Planning Guide Awards

RMA’s William F. Githens Chapter Awards Program enables leaders of local RMA chapters to plan and evaluate their year’s activities and performance, as well as identify areas for improvement. 

Performance is rated based on the chapter’s ability to accomplish key tasks, provide general membership meetings, affinity group meetings, educational events, and grow membership. 


2020 Platinum Winners

Carolinas-Virginias Chapter
Central Indiana Chapter
Charlotte Chapter
Chesapeake Chapter
Gulf Coast Chapter
Los Angeles Chapter
Minnesota Chapter
New England Chapter 

North Texas Chapter
Oklahoma Chapter
Philadelphia Chapter
Puget Sound Chapter
San Antonio Chapter
St. Louis Chapter
Texas Chapter
Wisconsin Chapter

2020 Gold Winners

Arizona Chapter
Central PA Chapter
Central Texas Chapter
Central Utah Chapter
East Tennessee Chapter
Hampton Roads Chapter
Hawaii Chapter
Kansas Chapter
Kansas City Chapter
New Orleans Chapter

Orange County Chapter
Pittsburgh Chapter
Portland Metro Chapter
Potomac Chapter
Rocky Mountain Chapter
Southern New Jersey Chapter
Spokane Chapter
Triad Chapter
Vermont Chapter

2020 Silver Winners

Buffalo Chapter
Central Florida Chapter
East Central PA Chapter
Eastern Iowa Chapter
Florida Chapter
Fraser Valley Chapter
Las Vegas Chapter
Maine Chapter

Mid-South Chapter
North Central Chapter
Richmond Chapter
San Diego Chapter
South Central PA Chapter
South Florida Chapter
Triangle Chapter

2020 Bronze Winners

Central Valley Chapter
Empire Chapter
Great Smokies Chapter
Idaho Chapter
Middle Tennessee Chapter
New Mexico Chapter
Siouxland Chapter


Chapter Excellence Awards

The RMA Chapter Excellence Award recognizes chapters for excellence in chapter activities and practices. Chapters are recognized in four categories: Programming and Education, Communications, Academic Involvement, and Community Outreach. The purpose of this award is to not only recognize outstanding chapters, but allow chapters to share their knowledge and experiences with other chapters. The full details for each of the winning submissions as well as the finalists are available as a reference for other chapters to continue to further the RMA mission and engage with RMA members.


Programming/Educational Events


Carolina-Virginias Chapter

Appraisal Manager Roundtable


New York Chapter, Young Professionals and Emerging Risk Leaders Virtual Networking Session

The inability to network in person has been one of the challenges COVID-19 has presented us. The majority of our members have benefited and enjoyed the in-person interactions and networking that our pre-COVID programs offered. Due to COVID-19, we migrated our programs to a virtual format and we were forced to get creative about networking. Our Emerging Risk Leaders Committee decided to offer a trial virtual networking event for young professionals. This event took place on August 6, 2020 and was called the “RMA NY Young Professionals and Emerging Risk Leaders Virtual Networking Reception”. The event used breakout rooms within Zoom and board members and attendees were rotated through the different rooms during the 1 hour session. There were no more than 5 attendees in each room and 1 board member was placed in each room (5 board members participated). We limited the session to 22 attendees so the groups would feel intimate. Each mini networking session lasted 10-12 minutes and then attendees and board members were then re-shuffled and put into new breakout rooms. This was done a total of 5 times and all attendees were able to network with each New York Chapter board members who participated.

For the first time, we were successfully able to offer our members an option to network virtually in small groups with face to face interaction. This was also the first event organized by the newly formed Emerging Risk Leaders Committee. We plan to replicate this event for the Columbia School of Professional Studies students in early November 2020. We also hope to hold similar networking receptions for the general membership.

Event Email


Orange County Chapter, CARES Act PPP Loan Forgiveness Webinar

In response to the COVID-19 shutdown, the Orange County Chapter arranged its first ever webinar to replace a previously scheduled in-person lunch program. The hottest topic in May, 2020 was the new federal PPP loan program, and there was significant interest in the nuances of filling out and submitting the application, and understanding the process. The chapter assembled a team of professionals to present within approximately 2 weeks, much faster than the normal planning process but required to reflect the importance of the topic to the community. With the support of Los Angeles and Inland Empire RMA chapters to market the program, we had our biggest ever event by far at 650 attendees. The program was very timely and well received by the community.

Event Flyer & Photos

Winner Details

The Carolinas-Virginias began hosting an Appraisal Manager Roundtable in 2011 in High Point, North Carolina. The event targets Appraisal Managers and Chief Appraisers in Community and Regional Banks. This group would meet twice a year once in the Spring and once in the Fall. As the event grew, the need arose to begin hosting a third event in the fall in Virginia. By the end of 2019, the Carolinas-Virginias Chapter was successfully running three Appraisal Manager Roundtables each year with locations in North Carolina and Virginia. The format was a meeting from 9 am to 2 pm and included a single sponsor. The first hour was dedicated to a guest speaker which has included the FDIC, Federal Reserve and other pertinent subject matter experts.

The Appraisal Manager Roundtable was scheduled to meet on April 15, 2020 with registration underway when the pandemic began. By the end of March, the meeting was postponed. We were able to reschedule for a virtual event that occurred on June 4, 2020. In working towards the reformatting of our event, we polled our participants to select a platform that would be most user friendly to our participant banks. We ultimately decided on the WebEx platform. We also reconfigured the time from a 9 am - 2 pm to a 9 am – 11 am time frame. We continued to have the first hour dedicated to a guest speaker which was the FDIC for June with open discussion and questions from the participants for the last hour. As our inaugural virtual event, we did not charge a fee. Our June virtual event included 33 participants from across 19 institutions. We now have held our second successfully virtual meeting on September 16, 2020. We did charge a fee for the September event of $10 for members and $15 for non-members. This fee assists the chapter in our administrative expense including Constant Contact. This event included 30 participants from across 21 institutions. We plan to continue the virtual format as long as it is needed but are looking forward to once again have the group together in person!



Orange County Chapter

"A Word from Our Sponsors" Email


Gulf Coast Chapter, LinkedIn Company Page

The Gulf Coast Chapter of the Risk Management Association maintains a company page on LinkedIn, which we use extensively to market our events and/or educational offerings. Since the page was originally opened in the late Summer of 2018, it has become the one of the most highly-followed individual Chapter page throughout the entire RMA footprint, with over 560 followers at the time of this writing. Our LinkedIn company page has helped us greatly in terms of staying connected with our membership and target audiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also been a tremendous tool in driving our virtual content. We regularly meet the attendance maximums set by the venues for our in-person events, which our LinkedIn company page contributes significantly to in terms of organically increasing the awareness of our offerings.

Gulf Coast Chapter LinkedIn Page


Kansas Chapter, Newsletter

The Kansas Chapter RMA newsletter is known as the ‘Borrowed Time$’. Like most chapters, our year kicked off with a robust start but almost instantly derailed with the onset of the COVID pandemic. Our goal with this particular issue was to put out a meaningful piece of communication to bridge the gap created by stay-at-home orders, event limitations and cancellations, etc. The issue is packed with updates including the announcement of our local RMA-Kansas Chapter Scholarship Program, registration for our first virtual event (Credit Manager Roundtable), the fundraiser for the Assistance League of Wichita through the Women in Business affinity group, coronavirus resources, and links to RMA’s GCOR and Annual Meeting.

Kansas Chapter July 2020 Newsletter

Winner Details

RMA Orange County has a strong sponsorship program, which counts on the chapter continuing to provide value to our Platinum and Gold sponsors. Sponsors get value by having their organizations listed on all correspondence and event programming, but also the relationships developed through in­person meetings. With the advent of COVID-19 and inability to gather for lunch programs, mixers and the like, the chapter created a Word from Our Sponsors email blast to our 1500 person mailing list. At a time when sponsors themselves were generally restricted from meeting clients and referral sources, the chapter worked with each sponsor to provide a custom tailored message suitable for connecting with their RMA OC associates. The resulting email was very well received. The chapter will continue this process in the new fiscal year, and also add a standalone email message from each of the Platinum sponsors as a 'thank you' for continuing their support during these uncertain times.

A Word From Our Sponsors Email (PDF)


Academic Involvement


Gulf Coast Chapter

Emerging Bankers Summit


Kansas Chapter, Joint Event with Wichita State University Professional Edge Program: Interviewing - How to be the Fit

The RMA-Kansas Chapter hosted Wichita State University (WSU) college students on 10/10/19 for a panel discussion on Interviewing – How to be the Fit and held on campus in the Rhatigan Student Service Center. The Chapter's Academic Chair, in collaboration with WSU Professional Edge program director, partnered for the first time in creating a special one hour credited program for college business students. The WSU Professional Edge program is a two-year certified and credited program within the Barton Business School. The program was provided as a professional learning and networking opportunity and included a panel of industry professionals. In addition to the primary topic discussed, the benefits of RMA student membership and the RMA Foundation Scholarship were promoted both verbally and with RMA student membership handout and scholarship flyers provided to each registered student. The event was the most successful direct contact event achieved by the chapter to date and the most successfully attended event reported by the director of the WSU professional Edge program with 65 registered students in attendance.

The featured panelists, moderator, and event organizer each represented highly respected companies within the Wichita community and institutional members of our RMA Kansas chapter, INTRUST Bank, Allen Gibbs & Houlik, L.C. and Biggs Paul, LLC. The speakers shared candidly with the students regarding a vast array of topics pertaining to interviewing, résumés writing, career mapping, job descriptions, networking, skills, professional development, mentorship, organizational memberships, education, and community involvement. The panelist covered current and future careers within Wichita and nationally in accounting, banking, finance, law, and human resource management. Additionally, the program offered students the opportunity to ask specific panelist questions, which provided a bit of humor on the final note.

This event was promoted to more than 2,300 students through WSU student direct email by the director of the Professional Edge at WSU. Additionally, the Sunflower WSU college newspaper, RMA KS website and INTRUST Bank corporate supported and promoted the event.

The RMA Kansas Chapter has a great relationship with each of the colleges within our footprint and continues to promote RMA Foundation scholarship annually and hosts special events on campuses in promoting RMA student membership, education, mentorship and careers in banking.

The Sunflower newspaper photo coverage of event

Event LinkedIn Posts (PDF)


New England Chapter, Student Ambassador Program

The New England Chapter created a student ambassador program with the goal of strengthening the relationship between the New England Chapter and local partner schools by building awareness of RMA on campus, recruiting of RMA Student members and Academic members for educators, and encouraging RMA scholarship opportunities. The program was piloted at Bryant University for the 2019-2020 school year. Interested students submitted an application that included a letter of recommendation from a professor and completed an interview process with RMA New England Board Members. We chose one student ambassador for the pilot year who worked closely with the Board Members in charge of the program.

Our Ambassador was successful in promoting RMA on campus. She posted RMA scholarship flyers at strategic places throughout the business school, promoted student membership, and organized a Careers in Banking Panel Discussion at Bryant with over 140 students in attendance. Our ambassador received a stipend for the work she did promoting RMA on campus.

The New England Chapter looks forward to continuing the ambassador program at Bryant and hopes to expand this program to other partner schools in the future.

Ambassador Program Information Packet (PDF)

Winner Details

On Friday, March 6th, 2020, well over 100 students and Young Professionals from Schools and Financial Institutions across Houston gathered at the Federal Reserve for lunch at the RMA Gulf Coast regions inaugural Emerging Bankers Summit. Attendees listened to a presentation by Brock Wagner, Founder and CEO of Saint Arnold Brewery (Texas’ oldest Craft Brewery), participated in Panel Discussions, and took an active part in an economic simulation presented by the Federal Reserve about how monetary policy is established. Additionally, in a special session just for students, the opportunity to network with the hiring managers of 10 different banks was given. The mini-conference was extremely well received by hiring managers, students and young professionals alike, with commitments to attend again in 2021.

The RMA Gulf Coast Chapter’s Academic and Young Professionals Committees had for some time been searching for ways to engage Houston Area university students studying Banking/Finance or Accounting AND Young Professionals employed at the many Financial Institutions in and around the city in a way that was both meaningful and impactful for their careers. The Gulf Coast chapter has been successful at gaining student memberships in the past, but searched for a more impactful opportunity for banking students to break into the banking industry. After several brainstorming sessions, we organized the first of what is to be an annual Emerging Bankers Summit. The goal of the summit was three-fold: connect college students from across the Houston Area with hiring managers in Commercial Banking; provide networking opportunities with and amongst other Young Professionals already in the industry; and enhance professional development through breakout sessions designed to equip both students and Young Professionals for successful careers.

This event is being nominated for the following reasons: first, its uniqueness - to our knowledge, there has not been a conference-type event created solely for the benefit of Students interested in Commercial Banking and for industry Young Professionals in general; second, the events level of engagement – We were able to have participation from students of some of the largest Universities in the Houston area and attract hiring managers and young professionals from some of the finest financial institutions in the region; and finally, exposure for the RMA Gulf Coast chapter – The conference provided an effective avenue to increase both student memberships and associate memberships to engaged Young Professionals.

The intention of the Gulf Coast Chapter is to continue the summit on an annual basis to position RMA as the connection across all job levels and financial institutions

Event LinkedIn Posts (PDF)

Community Involvement


Kansas Chapter

Boys & Girls Club Gift Wrapping


New Orleans Chapter, Women's ABC Golf Clinic

The RMA New Orleans Chapter held a Women’s ABC (Attorneys, Bankers and CPAs) Golf Clinic on October 16th, 2019. The purpose of the clinic was to provide a networking program for women, as well as to learn the “ABCs” of golf. After our initial date got rained out, we had about 25 participants attend the event. We had one clinic in the morning, a lunch, and a clinic in the afternoon. Participants could come early and stay for lunch, or come for lunch and stay for the afternoon clinic.

During lunch, we had the Market President of a local bank give details on how her bank is involved in the community, and ways in which the participants could get involved in the community. The golf pros also gave the participants an overview of course etiquette. Sponsors included two banks and a law firm. The sponsors contributed sponsorship dollars and giveaways (golf balls, towels, tees, lip balm, etc.).

At registration, each individual was provided one raffle ticket. Additional tickets could be purchased for $20 (5 tickets). Each participant wrote their favorite charity on the back of their raffle ticket. At the end of the event, we drew the winning raffle ticket and donated all proceeds of the event to that participant’s chosen charity. The winning charity was Covenant House, a homeless shelter in New Orleans which offers housing and support services to young people in need – currently reaching 74,000 youth every year. The Chapter was able to donate $1,000 to the charity.

The Women’s ABC Golf Clinic met several goals of the Chapter: 1) community involvement by way of the $1,000 donation and lunchtime informative speaker, 2) diversifying programming to include attorneys and CPAs, 3) providing a unique program for women, 4) obtaining sponsors for an event, and 5) creating a repeatable format for a potential “signature event”.

Winner Details

The Kansas Chapter makes many efforts throughout the year to volunteer, and give back to the community. One such event in December 2019, allowed Board members to volunteer at the local Boys & Girls Club for their annual Holiday Gift Wrapping event. Each year, the Boys & Girls Club with the assistance of donations and sponsors, purchase Christmas gifts for Boys & Girls Club members in need. Our RMA group helped in wrapping hundreds of gifts to ensure that those children were able to experience a wonderful Holiday and the joys of getting to unwrap presents that they otherwise may not receive. This event allowed RMA to connect with kids in the community and make a difference during the Holiday season.