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Advanced Lending Academy

Course Overview

Advanced Lending Academy: Corporate Finance Concepts is an introduction to the basic principles of corporate finance and interest rate risk management. This three-day course focuses on the time value of money concepts used to solve business problems, discounted cash flow analysis to determine the value of a business, and the application of interest rate hedging strategies. To aid the process of learning about corporate finance, participants study, both individually and in small groups, various case studies. Methods for ensuring participant involvement include exercises, instructor-led discussions, lectures, and role-plays.



24 hours


Instructor-Led Online

Program Level







Who Will Benefit?

This course is designed for financial professionals who call on commercial companies. Participants have the opportunity to develop their understanding of corporate finance issues and practices and learn how they can be part of a sound and profitable relationship. Those who have studied corporate finance at the college level will learn to view corporate valuation from the perspective of both the financial advisor and the client. This course is also appropriate for those who need to understand how corporate finance transactions affect traditional lending relationships.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize customers’ business strategies and identify how the discipline of corporate finance can facilitate the achievement of those strategies.
  • Quantify corporate value by discounted cash flow analysis.
  • Compare the principles of other valuation methods with valuation by discounted cash flow analysis.
  • Apply valuation techniques to understand corporate decision-making from the perspective of the owners or equity holders.
  • Define and explain the mechanics, features, benefits and credit risk implications of interest rate management products.
  • Determine hedging strategies to meet clients’ financial objectives.
  • Create solutions to help clients mitigate financial risk.


A case study will be used as an application of the strategic discussion. Participants will be asked to read a case study for pre-work and prepare a preliminary analysis of the prospect. During Module 1, the class will be introduced via lecture to a model for conducting a strategic discussion. Exercises will be used to illustrate the concepts. Lecture by the instructor and practice of the mathematical concepts by the participants will be applied. The application of the case study to the discounted cash flow method is the delivery method. In addition, there will be a group negotiation on the sale of the company. Instructor lecture and various case studies to apply the concepts will be used

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