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Balance Sheet Analysis

Course Overview

Bankers need to apply balance sheet measures to analyze the liquidity and leverage of a company. RMA's Balance Sheet Analysis will prepare learners to evaluate the strength of the balance sheet through liquidity, leverage, and net worth analysis.


2 to 3 hours



Participants should be well versed in basic accounting for bankers, or take RMA's Accounting and Ratio Analysis before enrolling in Balance Sheet Analysis.



Self-Directed Online


Who Will Benefit?

Bankers who need to interpret balance sheets will benefit from this course.

Program Level




Member: $199
Nonmember: $349


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Assess a company’s ability through liquidity analysis to meet its short-term obligations.
  • Calculate and interpret working capital.
  • Evaluate the results of a liquidity analysis considering industry expectations. •
  • Assess through leverage analysis the extent to which a company has funded its assets with debt as opposed to owner’s equity.
  • Compare a company’s liability structure to its asset distribution to evaluate the risk in a company’s leverage.
  • Analyze trends in the leverage of a company, including comparison with a peer composite using RMA’s Annual Statement Studies.


Balance Sheet Analysis uses a combination of storytelling, application challenges, microlearning, and job aids to build participants’ confidence in their ability to read and interpret balance sheets. Since learners have a wide range of financial backgrounds and everyone learns at their own pace, it is estimated that it will take between 2 and 3 hours to complete the course. Learners will have opportunities to advance through the course following the pathway that best meets their needs.

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