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Commercial Loan Documentation (Online)

Course Overview

Across the commercial loan documentation process, individuals analyze the correctness and completion of loan documentation to reduce errors and lender liability. Commercial Loan Documentation (Online) is an interactive course, engaging learners to investigate, predict, act, and evaluate the key concepts shared.


9 hours


Self-Directed Online

Program Level




This course assumes a basic knowledge of financial accounting and credit analysis.



Who Will Benefit?

Credit analysts, document preparers, document reviewers, commercial loan officers, and other bank personnel who are responsible for handling the paperwork associated with commercial loans.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine whether an error was made in documentation, specifically in a case of using a loan term sheet or commitment letter.
  • Evaluate the authority of an individual to borrow.
  • Determine the correctness and completeness of:
    • Loan agreements and loan agreement amendments are based on the standard material provisions and standards of amendments.
    • Letters of credit.
    • Participation agreements.
    • All secured loan documentation.
    • Guarantee documentation.
    • Surrounding documentation of owner-occupied commercial real estate loans including title insurance, appraisals, environmental hazards, surveys, and other insurance. 
  • Determine the correct documentation and applicable regulations when collateral other than Article 9 Collateral and Real Estate is being used in a loan.


Commercial Loan Documentation (Online) engages learners by focusing on problems likely to surface on the job. Learners progress through the course material and investigate key concepts related to commercial loan documentation. The course provides a safe environment to practice the skills and knowledge gained, allowing learners to personalize and translate the information learned to their own experiences.

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