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Critical Thinking

Course Overview

Banking and risk management are multi-faceted disciplines in a rapidly evolving industry. We operate in a “shades of gray environment” that demands strong critical thinking skills. This course covers the range of topics and skills that researchers and experts in the financial services industry confirm are key to developing a strong critical thinking practice in the workplace. The discussions, activities, and coaching your employees receive will help them transfer what they’ve learned to the workplace. Fast-paced change and challenging markets make this an essential investment. Every question has shades of gray and every decision has a diffuse effect across the business. Critical thinking is essential to effective change.



7.5 hours


Instructor-Led Online

Program Level







Who Will Benefit?

This course is designed for financial organization teammates who want to improve their critical thinking skills and their job performance. This course cuts across all lines of business and will benefit anyone wishing to integrate critical thinking into their daily practice, model and design practical solutions, generate alternatives, and evaluate and negotiate decisions with more confidence


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply critical thinking systemically and systematically in the workplace.
  • Challenge common critical thinking pitfalls.
  • Evaluate alternative approaches to a situation.
  • Effectively construct an argument for action.


1. Banking is both a quantitative and qualitative practice. Critical thinking gives you the basis to do both.

2. Critical thinking is the essence of an effective challenge.

3. RMA’s Critical Thinking course balances instruction with practice. Your employees will be exposed to scenarios, receive coaching, and debrief their responses. They will return to the workplace with critical thinking experience.

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