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Detecting Problem Loans

Course Overview

Detecting Problem Loans is designed to sharpen the ability of participants to recognize potential problem loans early and to analyze and work with problem credits. The course material is presented in five modules.



7.5 hours


Instructor-Led Online

Program Level




Participants are expected to have a thorough knowledge of financial accounting, traditional financial statement analysis, and cash flow analysis.



Who Will Benefit?

Detecting Problem Loans is designed for loan officers and other lending or credit professionals who need to understand the keys to preventing problem loans and to dealing with them once they surface. The course is appropriate for junior to midlevel commercial or real estate lenders, credit review and credit policy officers, and junior workout officers. The focus is always on what the mid-level loan officer needs to know to prevent problems and minimize losses.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the causes of business failure and loan losses.
  • Distinguish between causes and symptoms of problem loans.
  • Identify the early warning signs.
  • Identify and evaluate available options.
  • Review processes to manage potential problem loans.
  • Identify lender liability issues.


The Acme Paint Company’s asset size is $1 million with sales of $2 million. Within a five-year period, the company’s sales have gone down 31%. The purpose of the case assignment is to become familiar with the company and determine early warning signs.

  • The Smith Flooring, Inc.’s asset size is $3 million, with sales of $5.5 million. A family-owned and operated retail carpet and flooring company, Smith Flooring is currently being run by second-generation management. The purpose of the case assignment is for the participant to assume responsibility for this account from a retiring loan officer and to bring this account back to being a good loan with a viable borrower for the bank.

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