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Lending to Municipalities

Course Overview

Selling credit products to and performing credit analysis on local governments is very specialized and differs in many ways from lending to commercial institutions and other nonprofits. Relationship managers need to be able to spot opportunities to market credit to these prospects, to talk intelligently with the prospects and clients about potential credit offerings and financial performance, and to ask for the appropriate information necessary to seek credit approval. Credit personnel need to be able to use the financial statements and other information to effectively underwrite or approve the municipal credits. Lending to Municipalities provides relationship managers and credit analysts with this specialized set of skills.



7.5 hours


Instructor-Led Online

Program Level




A minimum of two to three years of lending or credit analysis experience is highly recommended.



Who Will Benefit?

Community bankers, corporate bankers, commercial bankers, specialized lenders, including government and nonprofit, credit officers, credit analysts, loan review, branch bankers, trust officers, relationship managers, cash management personnel, and anyone who deals with government clients.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand different types of local government structures in the United States in order to determine potential credit-worthy government structures in the various 50 states. 
  • Complete a review and financial analysis of a GAAP-prepared municipal financial statement as one factor in making a credit decision.
  • Perform a business analysis of the municipality as another factor in making a credit decision.
  • Articulate the common credit needs of municipalities.
  • Determine the best structure based on the credit need.
  • Locate and use publicly available information to assist in the marketing effort for municipal clients.


This course uses a combination of lecture, discussion, exercises, and a major case study to develop the necessary skills. Participants are able to immediately apply what they learn by practice, which in turn increases retention. Furthermore, involvement facilitates their ability to apply the course’s content when they return to their jobs. Lending to Municipalities is designed for financial professionals who want to take a more solutions-oriented approach to client management, while at the same time ensuring profitability for the bank.

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