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RMA Instructor-Led Training Supplemental Instructions

If the Field Guide for the course contains information about NASBA, the following information applies. Within the entire slide deck there are unrelated words embedded in the bottom corners of some slides. If anyone attending the course is seeking CPE credits towards their accounting licensure, they're required to demonstrate their engagement and attendance at least three times every 50 minutes. Those words are not to be given attention to nor called out during the instruction. As an instructor, your role in this process is limited to reading the approved script at the start of the course explaining how those seeking CPE credits will need to interact with this process.    The course presentation and/or Instructor Guide (if available) contains the language that you'll read aloud at the start of the first session. Please do not alter the slides in anyway or remove these words. For those not seeking CPE credits, no action is required on behalf of the participant.

If the Field Guide states that your course has Slido integrated, please review the RMA Slido instructions to familiarize yourself with the software and how to implement this for your course.

Please ensure your Zoom software is up to date. Please visit this link to confirm your version or to review steps on updating the Zoom version.

Thank you!

The RMA Professional Development Team