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Small Business Lending Decision Process

Course Overview

RMA’s Small Business Lending Decision Process is a library of 14 interactive, web-based courses and an optional accounting refresher course designed to teach learners the analytical and decision-making techniques they need to evaluate small business lending opportunities and make sound credit decisions. 



25 to 30 hours



A college-level course in Financial Accounting or equivalent experience. An accounting refresher course is offered with the series to assist learners in re-familiarizing themselves with the necessary skills.



Online, Self-Directed


Who Will Benefit?

Credit or lending professionals that make loans to small businesses. This includes relationship managers, branch managers, commercial lenders, small business lenders, and credit analysts.

Program Level




Member: $749
Nonmember: $1,449



  • Develop a Company Overview  
  • Analyze Market & Industry Risks 
  • Interpreting Reliability and Comparability of Financial Statements  
  • Interpreting Quality and Consistency of Balance Sheets and Income Statements  
  • Preparing Financial Statements for Analysis 
  • Financial Efficiency and Cash Cycles  
  • Analyzing Interim Financial Statements 
  • Non-seasonal Events and Trends 
  • Using Tax Returns to Analyze the Borrower 
  • Analyze Personal Financial Statements and Tax Returns  
  • Analyze Global Cash Flow 
  • Recommend the Structure of the Small Business Loan  
  • Document the Loan  
  • Monitor the Loan and Look for Opportunities 


RMA's Small Business Lending Decision Process includes two case studies to apply concepts learned throughout the curriculum:

  • Edge Manufacturing is seeking a $600,000 line of credit and a $1.4 million term loan to support working capital needs, refinance existing term debt, and acquire new equipment
  • CHESS is seeking a $1 million line of credit to acquire used equipment for rental.

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