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Understanding Your Middle Market Customer: Credit Risk Analysis for Corporate Banking

Course Overview

Understanding Your Middle Market Customer: Credit Risk Analysis for Corporate Banking teaches the analytical process and decision-making techniques for making sound credit decisions through the application of financial accounting, financial statement analysis, cash flow analysis, and transaction structuring. After completing this course, participants will have a foundation in business and industry risk analysis, management analysis, financial statement analysis, cash flow analysis, cash flow drivers, debt capacity, forecasting, and transaction structuring.



15 hours


Instructor-Led Online

Program Level




Participants should have a basic knowledge of financial accounting and some familiarity with financial statements.



Who Will Benefit?

This course is recommended for all financial institution personnel as part of their overall education in servicing customer needs, but is particularly useful for commercial lending officers, relationship managers, cash management personnel, credit analysts, and branch managers with business loan responsibilities.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Develop a comprehensive framework to analyze businesses and structure financial solutions.
  • Create value-added services through a relationship planning and financial advisory orientation to client management.
  • Perform credit risk analysis to help clients achieve business objectives while at the same time ensuring repayment of debt.
  • Create capital structures that meet internal rate of return criteria for all capital providers.
  • Identify the sources of debt and equity available to corporate clients.


Through a mix of discussions, group activities, and case studies, participants are better prepared to apply the content learned on the job. Participants have the opportunity to apply their understanding of corporate finance issues and practices and learn how they can be part of a sound and profitable banking relationship. Throughout this course, a case study for Perry’s Pickles, Inc. is used to provide participants with the opportunity for practical application of the skills taught and a firsthand look at the concepts covered in each module.

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