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Credit Risk Certification

Credit Risk Certification (CRC)

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The only recognized professional designation for credit and lending professionals 

In today's rapidly changing financial services industry, credit and lending professionals will continue to play a critical role in shaping the risk profile of their respective institutions. The CRC is the only recognized professional designation for credit and lending professionals, and earning it gives you added credibility among colleagues and clients alike. As a credentialed risk professional through RMA, you demonstrate a commitment to the credit risk industry and a level of industry knowledge that has been recognized by an objective, outside organization.


Why should you be Credit Risk Certified?

Career Growth

Earning the CRC is a step in your own personal career growth and gives you added confidence in your skills as you pursue your short- and long-term career goals.


The CRC provides you with a platform to network with some of the world's leading credit risk management professionals, expanding your professional knowledge and opportunities.

Leadership & Expertise

Passing the CRC exam establishes you as a member of a respected group of credential holders and is an indicator that you possess the knowledge and skills necessary to master a myriad of credit risk situations. 


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Additional Information:

Exam Timing

The CRC exam is offered in the spring, summer, and fall of each year. 

Upcoming Dates:

Summer - July 11, 2022 to August 13, 2022
Summer 2022 deadline - June 1 2022 at 4 pm, Eastern Standard Time

Fall - October 3, 2022 to November 5, 2022
Fall 2022 deadline - August 31, 2022 at 4 pm, Eastern Standard Time

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates applying for the exam should be banking professionals with a minimum of three years of credit risk experience and should be familiar with intermediate-level credit risk topics.


For more information on Credit Risk Certification visit our CRC information page or contact

Latest CRC Designees

Marc Alexandre Anderson, CRC

Brent Chittenden, CRC

Jeremy Edwin Clark, CRC

Amy Cornish, CRC

Edward C. Crew, CRC

Kathryn Crossley, CRC

James Dail, CRC

Jack Ford, CRC

Joshua M Golden, CRC

Alexander William Gondolfi, CRC

Matthew Gonzales, CRC

Stephen A. Hawf, CRC

Heather Elaine Johnson, CRC

Christofer Kennedy, CRC

Dana King, CRC

Olga Kleinjan, CRC

Codi J. Kraft, CRC

Craig John Love, CRC

Karina Marie Lutze, CRC

Isaias O. Machuca, CRC

Sean McCabe, CRC

Suzanne N. Mikes, CRC

Jonathan Allen Milam, CRC

Stephanie Michelle Mollohan, CRC

Lance Shervin Ramesh, CRC

Joshua Tobias Stickley, CRC

Peter Yovan Sunderland, CRC

Connor Swan, CRC

Aakshi Taneja, CRC

Mark Vangilder, CRC

John Conlon Wicburg, CRC

David Michael Zwerenz, CRC