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Credit Risk Navigator

Power up your risk mitigation and credit performance analysis


Measuring your commercial loan performance is necessary during any part of the economic cycle and even more critical during periods of stress. Understanding how your portfolio stacks up against other banks can help you adjust your strategy.

With RMA Credit Risk Navigator, powered by AFS, you can access years of credit data in a modern, easy-to-use, filterable dashboard. Maximize the key benefits of the industry’s next generation commercial credit risk database to stay ahead of the curve.

Monthly Trends & Content

Expertly curated data and analysis delivered through bulletins, webinars, and blogs on a regular basis.

Ability to Easily Segment

Data can be viewed by size, geography, loan type, and many other segments to easily compare credit performance.

Robust Database

850,000 individual loans totaling $1T in committed exposure across C&I and CRE sectors.



New platform powered by Microsoft BI


Top Core Metrics & Measurement Categories

Risk Rating Balance Growth
Expected Loss Nonaccruals
Delinquencies Percent Criticized
Industry Geography



Actively measure your commercial loan performance and understand how your portfolio stacks up against other banks. 

All the necessary data you need to benchmark and strategize for your organization.  

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