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Heidi Andrion

Senior Vice President, Credit Review
Capital One
New York, NY

Present Job Function: Andrion serves as the head of Capital One’s credit review group with responsibility for providing review and assurance to the bank’s board of directors, management, and other key stakeholders regarding the effectiveness of credit business practices and assessments, credit controls, and asset quality.


Previous Employment: Prior to joining Capital One in August 2008, Andrion was the global head of corporate credit review at Citigroup, where she led a team located in seven countries. She joined Citigroup in 2001. She also served as vice president/credit review manager at Bank of America in London and New York. At Bank of America, she was charged with independently evaluating and reporting on asset quality and the processes used to control credit, trading, and associated concentration risks. She also spent two years in the credit audit group at Chase Manhattan Bank as a credit audit manager. In addition to her experience in credit review, she has 14 years of experience in credit risk management. She was the head of credit, corporate banking for Sanpaolo IMI in London from 1996 through 1998. Prior to that, she spent 10 years at Chase Manhattan Bank in various credit risk management roles, including commercial real estate, special assets, and asset securitizations.


Education: Andrion received her BA in accounting and MBA from the University of South Florida.


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