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Understanding the Top Risks in Commercial Real Estate

From geopolitical tensions to labor shortages, central bank policy tightening, and increasing inflation, every new headline reveals just how much of a hindrance the U.S. economy is facing. Institutions that are more resilient translate that into a competitive advantage by taking a more comprehensive approach to lending risks.

In an interview with RMA Communications Manager Stephen Krasowski, John Uhlmann, Senior Strategist at CoStar Risk Analytics, who specializes in commercial real estate debt, and works with clients across the country, including lenders of all sizes and Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities investors, discusses the current risks he is seeing in the CRE market.

Disclaimer: Some information discussed today may by its nature be the personal or subjective opinion of the speaker and not necessarily reflect the views of CoStar Group. Any forward-looking statements are believed to be based on reasonable assumptions but are subject to change and not necessarily comprehensive given the format. Most importantly, nothing said during this podcast should be construed as investment, tax, accounting, or legal advice or as a promotion or the advisability of any particular investment.

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