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Boating and Marinas

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A highly focused compilation of articles on lending to Boating and Marina Facilities. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    Navigating the Marine Finance Niche, Parkhurst, Donald C. The RMA Journal, v93n3,  59-63, 5 pages Nov 2010.

    Spilled Milk:  Embarking on a Fair-Weather Voyage with Angler Marine, Fleites, Ray, Journal of Commercial Lending, v78n4, 56-59, 4 pages Dec 1995

    How Do You Determine the Market Value of a Marina?, Eckenstahler, Charles R. Commercial Lending Newsletter, v24n3, 2,4, 2 pages  Mar 1992.

    Marine Engines, Parts, and Service Distributors, Credit Considerations I, v1, 291-293, 3 pages  1986.

    Boat Dealers, Credit Considerations II, v2, 99-105, 7 pages  1990 Updated in 2001 Updated in 2002 Updated in 2003.

    Thirteen Ingredients for Successful Lending to Marinas, Commercial Lending Newsletter, v21n2, 1-2, 2 pages  Feb 1989.

    Lending to Marinas, Fennell, Dean ; Strischek, Dev, Journal of Commercial Bank Lending, v71n4, 16-29,  14 pages  Dec 1988 Reprinted in Lending to Different Industries, v2, 2nd ed., 1990.

    Lending to Recreational Marine Dealers, Garland, Paul ; Shettle, Stewart ; Hanejko, Gerald J. Journal of Commercial Bank Lending, v69n1, 13-22, 10 pages Sep 1986 Reprinted in Lending to Different Industries v2, 1st ed., 1987 3 page update in Lending to Different Industries v2, 2nd ed., 1990.