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Cash Flow Analysis

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Cash Flow Analysis. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    Maintenance Capital Expenditures: Considerations in Cash Flow Analysis,  Cowman, Robert D., The RMA Journal, v96n10, 51-57, 7 pages Jul 2014.

    Live and Let Live: Estimating a Realistic Living Expense for Global Debt Service Coverage,  Strischek, Dev, The RMA Journal,v96n5, 38-43, 6 pages Feb 2014.

    Going with the Flow: After Distributions,  Cassis, John CRC, The RMA Journal,v95n9, 18-25, 8 pages Jun 2013.

    Only Cash Pays Loans: Let Us Count the Ways to Measure Cash Flow Part 2,  Barrickman, John ; Corso, Christine, The RMA Journal,v95n8, 50-57, 8 pages May 2013.

    Only Cash Pays Loans: Let Us Count the Ways to Measure, Part I,  Barrickman, John ; Corso, Christine, The RMA Journal,v95n7, 58-65, 8 pages Apr 2013.

    Do Banks Need a Canary?,  Merkle, Robert, The RMA Journal,v93n3, 47-49, 3 pages Nov 2010.

    Forecasting Cash Flow Is Essential, but Few Customers Can Do It Accurately,  Beans, Kathleen M. The RMA Journal,v92n3, 54, 1 page Nov 2009.

    A Better Way to Analyze Business Cash Flow,  Crady, John T. The RMA Journal,v91n2, 74-80, 7 pages Oct 2008.

    Cash Flow Analysis -- Going Beyond the Basics,  Delaney, Timothy ; Carleton, Ronald, The RMA Journal,v90n8, 60-65, 6 pages May 2008.

    Using Global Cash Flow,  Cassis, John, The RMA Journal,v89n1, 28-33, 6 pages Sept 2006.

    Focusing The UCA Cash Flow Format On Lending Opportunities,  Miller, James C. The RMA Journal,v88n8, 84-91, 8 pages Apr 2006.

    True Confessions: One Banker's Inner Struggle with Cash Flow,  Olson, Thomas P. The RMA Journal,v85n9, 68-71, 4 pages Jun 2003.

    Cash Flow or EBITDA? Can't We Have Both?,  Cassis, John, The RMA Journal,v85n4, 26-34, 9 pages Dec 2002.