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Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Lending

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Lending. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    Success to Come in C&I Lending in 2015,  Phelan, William, The RMA Journal: The Journal of Enterprise Risk Management,v97n3, 30-41, 12 pages Nov 2014.

    How to (Safely) Grow Commercial and Industrial Loans,  Phelan, William, The RMA Journal,v96n4, 56-65, 10 pages Dec 2013.

    The Fed's Quantitative Easing and C&I Lending Opportunities,  Buczynski, Rick, The RMA Journal,v95n8, 72-79, 8 pages May 2013.

    Post-Election Politics and Policies: Opportunities and Challenges for C&I Lending,  Buczynski, Rick ; Strischek, Dev, The RMA Journal,v95n3, 78-84, 7 pages Nov 2012.

    C&L and Small Business Lending: Opportunities in Challenging Times: Notes from a Conference Session, The RMA Journal, v94n7, 48-51, 4 pages Apr 2012.

    Through the Cycle: How to Identify the Best C&I Lending Opportunities in Challenging Times,  Buczynski, Rick, The RMA Journal,v94n4, 12-19, 8 pages Dec 2011.

    Determining the Appropriate Debt Structure,  Davis, Joe, CRC, The RMA Journal,v93n9, 40-44, 5 pages Jun 2011.

    Where Do We Go from Here? Where to Find C&I Lending Opportunities When the Recovery Gains Traction,  Buczynski, Rick, The RMA Journal,v92n4, 22-30, 9 page Dec/Jan 2009.

    The Monkey in the Middle: Mistakes with Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate Loans, Hamm, Richard, The RMA Journal,v89n3, 46-53, 8 pages Nov 2006.

    A Primer on Deals for Middle-Market Bankers,  Nathenson, J. L. The RMA Journal,v86n8, 46-54, 9 pages May 2004.

    Collapsed & Infirm Lending? Not So, Say Several C&I Lenders,  Foster, Beverly J. The RMA Journal,v86n8, 38-42, 5 pages May 2004.