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Commercial Real Estate

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Commercial Real Estate. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    Changing Policies in Challenging Times, The RMA Journal: The Journal of Enterprise Risk Management, v97n6, 38-40, 3 pages Mar 2015.

    Commercial Real Estate Chapter 11: Cramdown Dangers and Defenses,  Cohen, Jules ; Haddock, Henry, The RMA Journal,v95n8, 66-70, page May 2013.

    Who's on First? You Are!,  Pollard, Derek P. The RMA Journal,v94n8, 34-41, 8 pages May 2012.

    CRE Lending in the Economic Reality,  Cassis, John, The RMA Journal,v94n7, 14-21, 8 pages Apr 2012.

    Commercial Real Estate Lending 2.0,  Alperstein, Jodi ; Pelkey, Arik, The RMA Journal,v93n9, 36-38, 3 pages Jun 2011.

    The State of Commercial Real Estate: Four Lenders Offer Perspectives from Their Markets,  Beans, Kathleen M. The RMA Journal,v93n1, 34-40, 7 pages Sep 2010.

    Commercial Real Estate: Scoring the Risk of Office, Retail, and Industrial Tenants,  Smith, Gavin, The RMA Journal,v92n4, 50-59, 10 pages Dec/Jan 2009.

    CRE Market Is in for Tough Sledding,  McLaughlin, Kevin, The RMA Journal,v92n1, 32-34, 3 pages Sep 2009.

    The Value of Property Condition Assessments in Commercial Real Estate Lending,  Ezovski, Derek, The RMA Journal,v91n7, 46-48, 3 pages Apr 2009.

    Commercial Real Estate Risk: Time to Make the Most of Your Expert Judgment?,  Smith, Suzanne G. The RMA Journal,v91n3, 26-31, 6 pages Nov 2008.

    Best Practicse in Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Management,  Beans, Kathleen M. The RMA Journal,v89n10, 40-45, 6 pages, Jul/Aug 2007.

    How Bad is Bad? Estimating Risk Probabilities in Commercial Real Estate,  Zoeller, Mark, The RMA Journal,v89n8, 86-96, 11 pages, May 2007.

    Regulatory Guidance on Commercial Real Estate Risk,  Strischek, Dev, The RMA Journal,v89n7, 62-73, 12 pages, Apr 2007.