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Credit Culture

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Credit Culture. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

14 Credit Discipline Tools To Nail Down and Fix Up Your Credit Culture, Strischek, Dev, The RMA Journal: The Journal of Enterprise Risk Management, v97n10, 40-43, 4 pages, July-Aug 2015.

Culture Is Crucial: Top Regulators Discuss Their Renewed Focus on Risk Culture: Part 1 of III: Sarah Dahlgren, Fedreal Reserve Bank of New York, The RMA Journal: The Journal of Enterprise Risk Management, v97n9, 34-37, 4 pages Jun 2015.

Merging Credit Cultures, McKinley, John E. The RMA Journal: The Journal of Enterprise Risk Management, v97n6, 50-55, 6 pages Mar 2015 Reprint from Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management, 48-56, 9 pages Mar 1997.

10 Principles of Credit Negotiations, Clarke, Richard A. The RMA Journal: The Journal of Enterprise Risk Management, v97n2, 40-43, 4 pages Oct 2014.

Trees Don't Grow to Heaven, Mueller, Henry P. The RMA Journal, v96n8, 66-74, 9 pages May 2014 Reprint from The RMA Journal, p 52-59, 8 pages Dec 2008.

The Nature of a Balanced and Embedded Risk Culture, Rose, Robert M. The RMA Journal, v95n10, 22-27, 6 pages Jul 2013. Strong Culture Guides Sound Risk Management, Evans, Dick, The RMA Journal, v95n5, 42-45, 4 pages Feb 2013.

"There Are Old Lenders and Bold Lenders, but Few Old, Bold Lenders", Springfield, Claude H. III, The RMA Journal, v94n6, 48-51, 4 pages Mar 2012.

Ed's Rules of Thumb for Financial Risk Management Leadership, Paules, Ed, The RMA Journal, v92n9, 21-25, 5 pages Jun 2010 Updated. First published in the June-July 2006, The RMA Journal.

Tricks of the Trade: Don't Bank on Them, Nye, Kyle, The RMA Journal, v92n8, 64-68, 5 pages May 2010.

When the Music Stopped, Mueller, P. Henry, The RMA Journal, v92n7, 46-51, 6 pages April 2010.

Is the Past Prologue? A Credit Retrospective, McKinley, John E. The RMA Journal, v89n8, 32-33, 2 pages, May 2007.

Diligent Credit Governance for a Competitive Marketplace, Shepherd, Alice, The RMA Journal, v89n8, 22-30, 9 pages, May 2007.

Avoid The Pitfalls of a Strong Credit Culture, Harton, Lynn, The RMA Journal, v89n8, 18-21, 4 pages, May 2007.

Credit Department Management: Uncovering Hidden Value, Petrie, James C. The RMA Journal, v88n8, 34-39, 6 pages Apr 2006.

Excuse Me -- You're Standing on My Bonus... Reflections on Credit Culture, Wesley, David H. The RMA Journal, v87n8, 70-71, 2 pages May 2005.