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Environmental Risk

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Environmental Risk. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

An Ever-Evolving Approach to Environmental Risk Management, Ezovski, Derek The RMA Journal, v98n7, 26-30, 5 pages Apr 2016.

Managing Environmental Risk in Shale Gas Plays, Englert, John P. The RMA Journal, v95n10, 43-49, 7 pages Jul 2013.

Residential Environmental Compliance in a Post Dodd-Frank Era, Huntress, Jack ; Haberlen, James D. The RMA Journal, v95n9, 38-45, 8 pages Jun 2013.

Environmental Risk Management: The Changing Landscape of Phase I ESAs, Peacock, Kathryn, The RMA Journal, v95n6, 72-76, 5 pages Mar 2013.

Vapor Intrusion Will Your Collateral Go Up in Smoke?, Crocker, Dianne, The RMA Journal, v93n8, 30-33, 4 pages May 2011.

Residential Properties a Growing Source of Environmental Risk, Greene, Ed, The RMA Journal, v93n4, 71-75, 6 pages Dec 2010 - Jan 2011.

Environmental Risk Screening Revisited, Walker, Jon, The RMA Journal, v92n3, 72-75, 4 pages Nov 2009.

Know Your Environmental Due Diligence for SBA Loans, Hazard, Eileen ; Musser, John, The RMA Journal, v92n3, 66-71, 6 pages Nov 2009.

Developing and Updating and Environmental Risk Management Policy, Haberlen, Jamie ; Pollard, Derek P. The RMA Journal, v91n6, 54-59, 6 pages Mar 2009.

Lenders' Tolerance for Environmental Risks, Derhake, Joe, The RMA Journal, v91n5, 52-54, 3 pages Feb 2009.

Environmental Due Diligence Tools, Phase I and Beyond, Haberlen, Jamie ; Pollard, Derek P. The RMA Journal, v91n1, 68-73, 6 pages Sep 2008.

What Lenders Need to Know about EPA’s AAI Rule, Pollard, Derek ; Haberlen, Jamie, The RMA Journal, v90n8, 24-30, 7 pages May 2008.

New Environmental Due Diligence Standards: When Should They Be Used?, Richardson, Stephen V. The RMA Journal, v89n6, 42-46, 5 pages, Mar 2007.

Recent Environmental Regulatory Reforms: Clarity or Confusion?, Luzkow, Steve, The RMA Journal, v89n6, 36-41, 6 pages, Mar 2007.

As Environmental Rules Evolve, So Must Due Diligence, Ezovski, Derek, The RMA Journal, v88n6, 97-100, 4 pages Feb 2006.

Environmental Due Diligence for Lenders, Luzkow, Steve, The RMA Journal, v87n3, 28-31, 4 pages Nov 2004.