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A highly focused compilation of articles on Corporate Fraud. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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    ABC Analytics: Bridging the Gap in Anti-fraud and AML Compliance,  Walden, Vince ; Sercy, Chris, The RMA Journal,v94n9, 64-67, 4 pages Jun 2012.

    WHOA! Borrower's Release in a Forbearance Agreement May Be Unenforceable Based on Constructive Fraud,  Weissman, Michael L. The RMA Journal,v94n6, 65, 1 page Mar 2012.

    Beware of the Fraudster in Your Midst,  Hedley, Timothy P. ; Humphrey, Michael B. ; Morton, Jesse R. The RMA Journal,v94n4, 58-64, 7 pages Dec 2011.

    Fraud and Misconduct Expected to Rise,  DeMarco, Ed, The RMA Journal,v92n4, 32-37, 6 pages Dec/Jan 2009.

    SocGen Falls into a Familiar Hole: Protect Your Shop with Back-to-Basics Controls, Mulcahy, Val, The RMA Journal,v90n7, 58-63, 6 pages Apr 2008.

    How to Detect & Prevent Borrower Fraud,  Phillips, Eric S. ; Bromme, J. Tol Jr. The RMA Journal,v89n8, 74-79, 6 pages, May 2007.

    Tracking Politically Exposed Persons: A Difficult (and Now Enforceable) Procedure,  de Ruig, Rupert, The RMA Journal,v89n1, 36-39, 4 pages Sept 2006.

    Inside the Enron Debacle,  Weirich, Thomas R. ; Reinstein, Alan, The RMA Journal,v84n8, 22-25, 4 pages May 2002.

    Avoid Your Own Enron,  Zeune, Gary D. The RMA Journal,v84n7, 37, 1 page Apr 2002.