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A highly focused compilation of articles on Fraud in General. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    Aggressively Protect Your Collateral When Borrowers Attempt Asset Transfers,  Fielding, Michael D. The RMA Journal,v96n6, 70-75, 6 pages Mar 2014.

    Model Validation of Transaction Monitoring for Anti-Money-Laundering Activities,  Pocker, Rona ; Nayda, William, The RMA Journal,v95n6, 50-57, 8 pages Mar 2013.

    Preventing Fraud in 'Reel' Time,  Barnier, Brian, The RMA Journal,v94n8, 58-61, 3 pages May 2012.

    What You Need to Know about Fraudulent Financial Reporting,  The RMA Journal v93n2, 68-71, 4 pages Oct 2010.

    Help Your Nonprofit Customers Prevent Fraud,  Parham, Abbie Gail ; Kelly, Julia Ann ; Buckhoff, Thomas, The RMA Journal,v92n4, 78-83, 6 pages Dec/Jan 2009.

    The Lessons Prime Brokers, Custodians, and Other Service Providers Learned from Hedge Fund Frauds, Losses, and Mishaps,  Cagan, Penny, The RMA Journal,v92n3, 34-39, 6 pages Nov 2009.

    Facing the Cost of Mortgage Fraud,  Dreyer, Jackie, The RMA Journal,v89n5, 60-64, 5 pages Feb 2007.

    Detection and Prevention of Mortgage Loan Fraud,  Martin, Vernon, The RMA Journal,v87n1, 70-79,  10 pages Sep 2004.

    Identity Theft: Fighting Fraud, Assisting Victims,  Einhorn, Monique F. The RMA Journal,v85n10, 28-32, 5 pages Jul/Aug 2003.

    Five Steps to a Fraud Prevention Program,  Larson, Traci, The RMA Journal,v85n10, 21-23, 3 pages Jul/Aug 2003.