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A highly focused compilation of articles on Insurance Industry Risk. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    The Legal Corner: Title Insurance Company Not Liable for Misrepresentations Made to a Lender by an Independent Agent, Weissman, Michael L. The RMA Journal: The Journal of Enterprise Risk Management, v97n4, 88, 1 page Dec 2014.



    Spilled Milk: Lender Trapped by Borrower's Web of Deceit: He Got the 'Memo' But Didn't Understand It, Weissman, Michael, The RMA Journal, v96n5, 56-58, 3 pages Feb 2014.



    Navigating the New Flood Insurance Reform, Skinner, Doug ; Chalson, Jeremy, The RMA Journal, v95n7, 36-38, 3 pages Apr 2013.



    Who's on First? You Are!, Pollard, Derek P. The RMA Journal, v94n8, 34-41, 8 pages May 2012.



    Spilled Milk: Nightmare on Palm Street Double Dealings*, Strischek, Dev, The RMA Journal, v93n2,  58-61, 4 pages Oct 2010.



    Stuff Happens: Hazard Insurance Requirements Should Cover Risks to Collateral, Pollard, Derek P. The RMA Journal, v92n8, 56-62, 7 pages May 2010.



    Bank Management of Insurance Industry Risk: Part 2, Devine, Paul, The RMA Journal, v88n9, 58-62, 5 pages May  2006.



    Bank Management of Insurance Industry Risk Part 1, Devine, Paul, The RMA Journal, v88n8, 78-83, 6 pages Apr  2006.



    Contaminated Collateral: 40-Year-Old Insurance Policies Could Be Worth Millions, Stone, Bret A. ; Till, John R. The RMA Journal, v88n4, 76-78, 3 pages Dec/Jan  2006.



    Title Insurance Can Safeguard Lenders, Lipiarz, Linda L. Commercial Lending Newsletter, v27n9, 3-4, 2 pages  Sep 1995.



    The Lender Loss Payee Designation:  Getting Assurance With Insurance, Stepp, Teresa, Commercial Lending Newsletter, v25n10, 5-6, 2 pages  Oct 1993.



    Life and Health Insurance, Credit Considerations I, v1, 217-221, 8 pages  1986 Updated in 1995 Supplement Updated in the 1999 all-in-one version Updated in 2001 Updated in 2002 Updated in 2003.