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Loan Guarantees

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Loan Guarantees. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    The Legal Corner: Guarantor May Not Raise Defenses to Enforcement of a Guaranty That Are Purely Derivative, Weissman, Michael L. The RMA Journal, v96n8, 76, 1 page May 2014.



    The Legal Corner: Terms of Unambiguous Limited Guaranty Cannot Be Varied by Parol Evidence, Weissman, Michael L. The RMA Journal, v96n5, 75-76, 2 pages Feb 2014.



    Guarantor Policy Satisfaction Guaranteed, Strischek, Dev ; Whitlock, Carla C. The RMA Journal, v93n6,  39-43, 5 pages Mar 2011.



    The Ins and Outs of Lending Inside the Box, Strischek, Dev, The RMA Journal, v92n5, 38-46, 9 pages Feb 2010.



    WHOA! Lender Denied Enforcement of Springing Guaranty, Weissman, Michael L. The RMA Journal, v91n4, 87, 1 page Dec 2008.



    Tales of WHOA! Guarantor Not Relieved of Liability Based on Wrong Description of Guaranteed Party in Reaffirmation, Weissman, Michael L. The RMA Journal, v88n4, 86, 1 page Dec/Jan  2006.



    FIN No. 45: New Rules for Accounting for Guarantor's Direct and Indirect Guarantees, Reinstein, Alan, The RMA Journal, v86n4, 53-55, 3 pages Dec 2003.



    Tales of WHOA!: Lender Loses Right to Enforce Guaranty, Weissman, Michael L. The RMA Journal, v83n3, 77, 1 page Nov 2000.