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A highly focused compilation of articles on Loan Participation. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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    Managing Concentration Risk: A Community Bank Perspective, Taylor, Jeremy, The RMA Journal, v96n5, 60-66, 7 pages Feb 2014.



    22 Issues to Consider in Loan Participations, Weissman, Michael L. The RMA Journal, v94n5, 30-33, 4 pages Feb 2012.



    Cooperate When You Participate Share and Share Alike, Schulz, James R. The RMA Journal, v93n9, 46-49, 4  pages Jun 2011.



    Tales of WHOA! A Last-Out Loan Participation May Be Construed as a Guaranty: This Is Subject to Revocation, Weissman, Michael, The RMA Journal, v89n6, 34, 1 page, Mar 2007.



    Spilled Milk:  Slippery Dealings with Loan Participation Covenants, Zumberge, Christopher D. Journal of Commercial Lending, v74n9, 65-68, 4 pages  May 1992 Loan participation agreements must be monitored closely, before a loan goes bad.



    Spilled Milk:  Large Dollars for a Little Participation, Journal of Commercial Bank Lending, v70n2, 54-56, 3 pages  Oct 1987 A bank finds that it has much money at risk in a loan participation but very little say in the loan's administration.



    Spilled Milk:  Loan Participation: Caveat Emptor, Krause, Scott R. ; Chandler, Darlene E. Journal of Commercial Bank Lending, v72n3, 59-61, 3 pages Nov 1989 Misrepresentations made by a loan officer for the agent bank and outdated loan guarantees are some of the problems encountered when a bank fails to verify loan documentation.



    The Basics of Bank Loan Participations, Schlifke, Bernard A. Journal of Commercial Bank Lending, v67n3, 23-34, 12 pages Nov 1984.