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Operational Risk - Perspective

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Operational Risk Perspectives. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    Bring Your Operational Risk Framework to Life, Rosenthal, Adam, The RMA Journal: The Journal of Enterprise Risk Management, v97n2, 72-75, 4 pages Oct 2014.



    Future Challenges in Operational Risk, Roussell, Daniel Jr. The RMA Journal, v96n3, 34-37, 4 pages Nov 2013.



    Risk and Businesses Must Work Closely Together, The RMA Journal, v94n7, 57-59, 3 pages Apr 2012.



    Operational Risk: Where Art Meets Science, Blackwood, Kristen Badman, The RMA Journal, v94n2, 24-29, 6 pages Oct 2011.



    After the Crisis: Building a Foundation for the Future of Operational Risk Management, Athanasiu, Caryl, The RMA Journal, v92n10, 42-45, 4 pages Jul/Aug 2010.



    Operational Risk Management: The Future of the Discipline, The RMA Journal, v92n3, 31-33, 3 pages Nov 2009.



    After the Recession... Then What?, Beans, Kathleen M. The RMA Journal, v91n10, 44-47, 4 pages Jul/Aug 2009.



    G-COR II: A Private-Sector Perspective on the Regulatory Process, McLaughlin, Shannon, The RMA Journal, v90n9, 40-43, 4 pages Jun 2008.



    G-COR II: Navigating the Inflection Point, Foster, Beverly, The RMA Journal, v90n9, 32-37, 6 pages Jun 2008.



    The Past Is Prologue: Lessons from the Stock-Parking Events of the 1980s, Cagan, Penny, The RMA Journal, v88n5, 48-52, 5 pages Special Edition, Jan  2006.



    The RMA Operational Risk Management Framework, Taylor, Charles, The RMA Journal, v88n5, 4-7, 4 pages Special Edition, Jan  2006.



    Shades of Gray: What Is "Acceptable and Tolerable" In Electronic Communication?, Johns, Paul, The RMA Journal, v88n2, 33, 1 page Oct  2005.



    The Operational Risk Framework under a Retail Perspective, Hageback, Niclas, The RMA Journal, v87n9, 64-67, 4 pages Jun 2005.



    Perspectives on Operational Risk, Taylor, Charles, The RMA Journal, v86n9, 4-6, 3 pages May 2004.