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Operational Risk - Roll-out and Assessment

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Operational Risk Roll-out and Assessments. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    The Importance of Validation and Verification in Operational Risk Management, Montana, Greg ; Parsons, Rick, The RMA Journal, v94n6, 12-19, 8 pages Mar 2012.


    Beyond Risk Assessments: Top Considerations for Strong and Seamless Protection of the Online Channel, Maicon, Dennis, The RMA Journal, v91n5, 62-66, 5 pages Feb 2009.


    G-COR II: Implementing Basel: Lessons to Date from Europe, Canada, and Japan, McLaughlin, Shannon, The RMA Journal, v90n9, 28-31, 4 pages Jun 2008.


    Getting Started In Operational Risk: Approaches and Their Drawbacks, Nakads, Peter ; Hickman, Andrew, The RMA Journal, v85n8, 82-83, 2 pages May 2003.


    Practical Aspects of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Lanz, Joel, The RMA Journal, v85n5, 52-57, 6 pages Feb 2003.


    Operational Risk Management? It's Everyone's Job, Truslow, Donald K. The RMA Journal, v85n5, 34-37, 4 pages Feb 2003.


    OR: Self-Assessment: An Example of Implementation, Muzzy, Ladd ; Haubenstock, Michael, The RMA Journal, v85n2, 54-59, 6 pages Oct 2002.


    Building Effective Indicators to Monitor Operational Risk, Davies, Jonathan ; Haubenstock, Michael, The RMA Journal, v84n8, 40-43, 4 pages May 2002.


    OR : Creating an Operational Risk - Sensitive Culture, Everson, Miles, The RMA Journal, v84n6, 56-59, 4 pages Mar 2002.


    Self-Assessment of Operational Risk, Balfan, Mark ; Gledhill, Phil ; Haubenstock, Michael, The RMA Journal, v84n5, 65-69, 5 pages Feb 2002.


    OR--The Evolving Operational Risk Management Framework, Haubenstock, Michael, The RMA Journal, v84n4, 26-29, 4 pages Dec 2001.