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Relationship Banking Banker's Perspective

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Relationship Banking from the Banker's Perspective. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    FDIC Encourages A Risk-Based Approach in Assessing Customer Relationships, Mason, Bernard, The RMA Journal: The Journal of Enterprise Risk Management, v97n7, 52-53, 2 pages Apr 2015.



    King Kong Versus Godzilla: Developing Effective Relationships between Lenders and Credit Officers, Broome, Tol J. Jr., The RMA Journal, v95n7, 66-72, 7 pages Apr 2013.



    Characteristics of High-Achieving Credit Officers, Sheppard, Nevin C. The RMA Journal, v95n5, 52-55, 4 pages Feb 2013.



    The New RM: It's Time to Become a Resource Manager, Hubbard, Jack, The RMA Journal, v95n4, 62-66, 5 pages Dec 2012/Jan 2013.



    The Good, the Bad, and the 1031 Exchange, Goddard, Jason G. ; Marcum, Bill, The RMA Journal, v94n1, 44-47, 4 pages Sep 2011.



    Set Your Sights on Your Next Site Visit, Strischek, Dev, The RMA Journal, v93n7,  20-23, 4 pages Apr 2011.



    WHOA! Construction Loan Agreement Creates Fiduciary Relationship with Borrower, Weissman, Michael L. The RMA Journal, v93n3,  73, 1 page Nov 2010.



    The Yield Curve: How Banks Should (and Should Not) Respond, Price, Matt, The RMA Journal, v91n7, 63-67, 5 pages Apr 2009.



    Relationship Management Skills for Commercial Lenders, Gardner, Linda, The RMA Journal, v89n9, 60-62, 3 pages, June 2007.



    A Day in the Life of This Banker, Cassis, John, The RMA Journal, v89n5, 88-91, 4 pages, Feb 2007.



    Multiple-Account Management: Part 3, Some Multiple-Account-Based Profit Management Strategies, Becker, Ezra, The RMA Journal, v89n4, 100-103, 4 pages Dec 2006.



    Multiple-Account Management: Part 2 One Person: Many Customers The Effect of Concentration Risk on Loss Rates, Becker, Ezra, The RMA Journal, v89n3, 90-93, 4 pages Nov 2006.



    Multiple Account Management Part 1: The Effect of Multiple Relationships on Targeting Existing Customers, Becker, Ezra, The RMA Journal, v89n2, 70-73, 4 pages Oct 2006.