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A highly focused compilation of articles on leding to Fast Food Restaurants. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    Industry and the Seven Deadly Sins, Stampfli, Deborah ; Kaczanowska, Agata ; McBee, Josh, The RMA Journal, v94n9, 20-24, 5 pages Jun 2012.



    Spilled Milk: Loans That Go Bump in the Night, Nye, Kyle, The RMA Journal, v94n3, 68-71, 4 pages Nov 2011.



    Lending to Restaurants, Fraker, Greg, The RMA Journal, v93n7,  14-19, 6 pages Apr 2011.



    Not So Fast! Sometimes It Pays to Get a Second Opinion, Mann, George R. The RMA Journal, v93n1,  72-73, 2 pages Sep 2010.



    Fifteen Lessons on the Restaurant Business (and Lessons on the Business of Life), Nye, Kyle, The RMA Journal, v92n4, 66-69, 4 pages Dec/Jan 2009.



    Spilled Milk: BAR Wars: Revenge of the Fifth, Strischek, Dev, The RMA Journal, v88n2, 96-100, 5 pages Oct  2005.



    Restaurant Franchises, Credit Considerations, 382-384, 4 pages  1999 Updated in 2001 Updated in 2002 Updated in 2003.



    Spilled Milk: When the Chicken Doesn't Deliver  It's the Balance Sheet that Counts, Yale, Gordon, Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management, v81n9, 42-45, 4 pages May 1999.



    Spilled Milk: Franchise Valuations: When Character Isn't Enough, Schaeffer, Bruce S. Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management, v80n8, 64-66, 3 pages April 1998.



    Boom Times for the Franchise Industry, Harrell, Corliss ; Ensinger, Carol F. Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management, v80n2, 47-53, 7 pages Oct 1997.



    Lending to Chain Restaurants, Volk, Christopher, Journal of Commercial Lending, v78n2, 45-58, 14 pages  Oct 1995.



    What Every Lender Should Know about the Legal Aspects of Franchising, Spandorf, Rochelle Buchsbaum, Journal of Commercial Lending, v76n4, 26-34, 9 pages Dec 1993.



    Fast Food Franchises, Credit Considerations I, v1, 149-152, 4 pages  1986 Updated in 2001.