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A highly focused compilation of articles on Small Business Lending. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    Aggressively Protect Your Collateral When Borrowers Attempt Asset Transfers, Fielding, Michael D. The RMA Journal, v96n6, 70-75, 6 pages Mar 2014.



    Five Steps for Business Loan Planning in 2013, Phelan, William, The RMA Journal, v95n3, 68-77, 10 pages Nov 2012.



    C&L and Small Business Lending: Opportunities in Challenging Times: Notes from a Conference Session, The RMA Journal, v94n7, 48-51, 4 pages Apr 2012.



    Fueling Economic Growth, Phelan, William, The RMA Journal, v94n3, 24-31, 8 pages Nov 2011.



    Economic Recovery and the Changing Landscape for U.S. Small Businesses, Phelan, William, The RMA Journal, v93n3, 50-56, 7 pages Nov 2010.



    Small Business Lending in a Challenging Environment, Beans, Kathleen M. ; Nelson, Jim, The RMA Journal, v91n1, 18-22,  5 pages Sep 2008.



    Small Business, Big Picture, Hubbard, Jack, The RMA Journal, v90n1, 32-33, 2  pages,  Sep 2007.



    Collateral in the 21st Century: What Every Small Business Lender Needs to Know, Berdiev, Dima, The RMA Journal, v88n10, 42-46, 5 Pages Jun  2006.



    Help for Small Businesses Sometimes Comes from Outside the Bank, Lovaas, Julie E. The RMA Journal, v88n8, 62-65, 4 pages Apr  2006.



    Winning Small Business Customers: Best Practices to Acquire, Cross-Sell, and Retain Them, Carr, Marilyn, The RMA Journal, v88n6, 42-44, 3 pages Feb  2006.



    Small Business Real Estate Offers Opportunities, Risks: Prudent Lending Practices Still Needed, Britt, Phillip, The RMA Journal, v88n3, 40-41, 2 pages Nov  2005.



    Problem Loans Under SBA 7(a) Guarantees: Centralization and "Prudent Lending Standards", Wallace, Thomas, The RMA Journal, v87n8, 54-58, 5 pages May 2005.



    Structuring for Small Business, O'Connor, John A. The RMA Journal, v86n5, 46-51, 6 pages Feb 2004.



    The Management of Problem Loans Under SBA 7(a) Guarantees: A Regulatory Update, Wallace, Thomas, The RMA Journal, v86n2, 66-70, 5 pages Oct  2003.



    Building: Small-Business Market Share, Wendel, Charles, The RMA Journal, v84n5, 25-27, 3 pages Feb 2002.



    Tilting a Bank's Small Business Group Toward Deposits, Wendel, Charles, The RMA Journal, v84n1, 35-37, 3 pages Sep  2001.



    How to Succeed in (Small) Business, Dunkelberg, William C. Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management, v82n7, 32-35, 4 pages Apr 2000.