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Stress Testing

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Stress Testing. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

Not Just Credit Stressing the Whole Bank for DFAST, Cama, Kaizad, The RMA Journal: The Journal of Enterprise Risk Management, v98n5, 50-54, 5 pages Feb 2016.

Stress Testing and CCPs Dominate Discussion at New York Chapter Event, Devlin, Frank, The RMA Journal: The Journal of Enterprise Risk Management, v97n9, 22-25, 4 pages Jun 2015.

Macroeconomic Stress Testing: Lessons Learned from BancorpSourth's Strategy and Implementation, Lambert, Ty ; Adcock, David ; Chen Sam, The RMA Journal: The Journal of Enterprise Risk Management, v97n5, 56-61, 6 pages Feb 2015.

Unlocking the Added Value of Liquidity: Stress Testing, Haan, Daniel De ; Ploeg, Stefan van der ; Stel, Yannick van der, The RMA Journal, v96n7, 28-32, 5 pages Apr 2014.

Macroeconomic Stress Testing, Adcock, David ; Yu, Kenneth, The RMA Journal, v96n3, 28-33, 6 pages Nov 2013.

Reverse Stress Testing: A Structured Approach, Kilavuka, Maurice, The RMA Journal, v95n6, 28-33, 6 pages Mar 2013.

The Case for Mark-to-Market in Bank Stress Testing, Greenland, Kingsley ; Hounsell, Bruce, The RMA Journal, v95n3, 64-67, 4 pages Nov 2012.

Using Stress-Testing Results to Define Bank Risk, Nayda, William ; Hood, William, The RMA Journal, v95n3, 20-27, 8 pages Nov 2012.

Stress Testing Is a Critical Tool in Risk Management, Clarke, Jim, The RMA Journal, v95n2, 60-63, 4 pages Oct 2012.

Integrating Your Bank's Approach to Risk Appetite, Stress Testing, & Capital Planning, Yu, Kenneth, The RMA Journal, v95n1, 42-47, 6 pages Sep 2012.

Stress Testing: Methodologies and Tools, Nayda, William, The RMA Journal, v95n1, 34-41, 8 pages Sep 2012.

Taking the Mystery Out of Stress Testing, Nayda, William, The RMA Journal, v94n10, 20-25, 6 pages Jul-Aug 2012.

Debt-Repayment Stress Testing, Craver, Theodore, The RMA Journal, v94n7, 34-39, 6 pages Apr 2012.

Stress Testing for Community Banks, McLaughlin, Kevin, The RMA Journal, v94n6, 20-21, 2 pages Mar 2012.

CRE Portfolio Stress Testing Is a Benefit to Community Banks, McLaughlin, Kevin, The RMA Journal, v94n2, 55-57, 3 pages Oct 2011.

Implementing Macroeconomic Credit Stress Testing, Tobin, Chris ; Yu, Kenneth, The RMA Journal, v94n1, 38-43, 6 pages Sep 2011.

$150 Oil? What Would This Mean for Your Bank?, Buczynski, Rick ; Molavi, Justin, The RMA Journal, v93n10, 30-35, 6 pages Jul/Aug 2011.

Commercial Real Estate Stress Testing, Newett, Mike ; Gilliam, Don, The RMA Journal, v93n9, 58-68, 11 pages Jun 2011 Reprint from The RMA Journal, 24-36, 13 pages Nov 2006.

Expect Extreme Events, Lantsman, Yakov ; Russo, Peter, The RMA Journal, v92n6, 32-37, 6 pages Mar 2010.

Stressing the Stress Testing, Lantsman, Yakov ; Shu, David, The RMA Journal, v92n1, 42-47, 6 pages Sep 2009.

One Approach to Stress Testing, Rose, Robert M. The RMA Journal, v92n1, 38-41, 4 pages Sep 2009.

Contemplating the Industry in the Wake of the Financial Crisis, Rose, M. Robert, The RMA Journal, v91n10, 14-17, 4 pages Jul/Aug 2009.

A Starting Point for Stress Testing: The Often Overlooked Risk of Contingent Liabilities, Wee, Kenneth, The RMA Journal, v91n9, 30-34, 5 pages Jun 2009.

Stress Testing the Commercial Loan Portfolio, Hensley, Doug, The RMA Journal, v91n5, 44-45, 2 pages Feb 2009.

Stress-Testing a C&I Loan Portfolio: A Top-Down Approach to Assessing Downside Economic Risks, Buczynski, Rick, The RMA Journal, v91n3, 42-46, 5 pages Nov 2008.

Stress Testing: An Underdeveloped Art, Hudson, Robert, The RMA Journal, v90n7, 42-44, 3 pages Apr 2008.

Establishing a Sound Enterprise–Level Stress-Testing Framework, Hug, Andreas, The RMA Journal, v90n6, 38-43, 6 pages Mar 2008.

Portfolio Management for Community Banks - Stress-testing Your Real Estate Portfolio, Brown, Steve, The RMA Journal, v89n7, 44-47, 4 pages, Apr 2007.

Stress Testing the Credit Risk of Commercial Real Estate Mezzanine Lending, Pappadopoulos, George, The RMA Journal, v89n5, 74-77, 4 pages, Feb 2007.