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Get started today with RMA’s online ratio database, eStatement Studies.

Same great format. Same classic ratios. Same respected source of industry benchmarks.

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This valuable, online resource combines data from the Annual Statement Studies: Financial Ratio Benchmarks book with data on Industry Default Probabilities and Cash Flow Measures.

Financial Ratio Benchmarks includes:

  • Nineteen classic financial statement ratios, clearly defined.
  • Common-size, balance sheet and income statement line items, arrayed by asset and sales size. Six different asset and sales size categories are presented to ensure a perfect match to your situation.
  • Unique information. No other information provider has data sources like ours.
  • More than 750 industries are presented using the 2022 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes.
  • Data available for 25 years. You’ll get the most up-to-date information industry averages and financial ratios for the current period, and you’ll be able to quickly compare it to past periods.

Industry Default Probabilities and Cash Flow Measures includes:
Only available in eStatement Studies

  • Cash flow measures on a common-size percentage scale.
  • Change in position, normalized, year over year, for eight financial statement line items.
  • Sustainable Growth Rate and Funded Debt/EBITDA ratios.
  • Trend data available for the past five years.

eStatement Studies provides quick, convenient access to numerous benefits:

  • Ability to export data into an Excel® spreadsheet. The Excel download includes a client comparison worksheet allowing you to enter and calculate your client’s financial statements, and easily compare side-by-side to the industry standards.
  • License to incorporate Statement Studies data into your client reports—a $139 savings!
  • Information delivered to your desktop via the Web, 24/7.
  • Query function allows you to find what you need more quickly and easily than ever before. In a matter of seconds, you can mine the database of 182,000 financial statements for each of the 25 years of data for profiles that fit your needs.
  • Sector reports incorporate two-, three-, four-, and five-digit reporting based on the 2022 NAICS codes. This gives you access to more than 2,000 industry benchmarking reports to enhance your analysis.
  • Ability to break out the data by region, not available in the printed version.