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Capital Regulatory

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Capital Regulatory. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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The 'Real' Drivers of Capital Requirements for Community Banks, Faust, Marcus, The RMA Journal, v96n8, 32-35, 4 pages May 2014.



Scenario Analysis: Perspectives and Principles (Industry Position Paper, Part 1), The RMA Journal, v94n5, 52-59, 8 pages Feb 2012.



Regulatory Capital, Models, and Holistic Balance Sheet Management, Rowe, David M. ; Day, Thomas, The RMA Journal, v90n5, 51-54, 4 pages Feb 2008.



Basel II Offers Advantages to Retail Banks, Wharton, Sue, The RMA Journal, v90n5, 30-34, 5 pages Feb 2008.



What's Happening with Basel Implementation? Have You Looked at the Standardized Option?, Martin, Pamela, The RMA Journal, v90n3, 26-27, 2 pages Nov 2007. 


Subprime Meltdown Revisited, Martin, Pamela, The RMA Journal, v90n2, 26-27, 2 pages Oct 2007.




Surprise! Another Delay for Regulatory Capital Reform, Martin, Pam, The RMA Journal, v89n10, 38-39, 2 pages, Jul/Aug 2007.



Basel 1A and Basel II, Martin, Pamela, The RMA Journal, v89n3, 22, 1 page Nov 2006.



Final Basel Reform Proposal : Delayed Yet Again, Martin, Pamela, The RMA Journal, v84n8, 15, 1 page May 2002.



Changes in Bank Capital Standards: What All Banks Must Know About Basel : A Primer, The RMA Journal, v84n2, 43-50, 8 pages  Oct  2001 Updated Sept 2002.



Flood Walls and Capital Rates : How High Is High Enough ?, Wilhite, Gary, The RMA Journal, v83n10, 76-77, 2 pages Jul/Aug  2001.