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Equipment Leasing

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Equipment Leasing. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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    Capitalizing Operating Leases: A Banker's Perspecitive,  Hall, J.D. ; Hundley, Clayton, The RMA Journal,v95n6, 44-48, 5 pages Mar 2013.

    Tales of Whoa! Liquidated Damages: Clause in Equipment Lease Held Unenforceable as Not Being a Reasonable Assessment of Damages,  Weissman, Michael L. The RMA Journal,v89n3, 70, 1 page Nov 2006.

    Myths and Near-Myths about Lease Pricing,  Holmgren, David, The RMA Journal,v83n1, 50-53, 4 pages Sep 2000.

    Equipment Leasing Can Increase Market Penetration,  Bonafede, Donald J, Lending & Risk Management News,v29n11, 3, 1 page Nov 1997.

    Issues in Lending:  How to Document Equipment Lease Financings,  McElroy, John M. Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management,v79n2, 50-56, 7 pages Oct 1996.

    Equipment Leasing, Credit Considerations II, v2, 149-154, 6 pages 1990 Updated in the 1999 all-in-one version.