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Financial Statement Analysis

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Financial Statement Analysis. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

    Beware of Financial Statements: Stating They Are Developed under a New AICPA Framework,  Mastracchio, Nicholas J.; Lively, Heather M. The RMA Journal,v96n3, 42-47, 6 pages Nov 2013.

    Fiancial Statement Guidance: A Credit to the Bank's Lending Policies,  Strischek, Dev, The RMA Journal,v95n7, 20-26, 7 pages Apr 2013.

    Cuts Both Ways: How Financial Statements Can Deliver Misleading Signals During Periods of Growth and Decline,  Cassis, John CRC, The RMA Journal,v94n9, 26-31, 6 pages Jun 2012.

    Fiancial Statement Analysis: A Two Minute Drill,  Stone, William L. The RMA Journal,v94n2, 58-63, 6 pages Oct 2011 Reprint from 11-19, 9 pages Nov 1983, The Journal of Commercial Bank Lending.

    Getting Behind the Numbers: An 11-Part Series Makes Its Encore Appearance,  DiLorenzo, Frank, The RMA Journal,v87n3, 54-68, 15 pages Nov 2004.

    Microfinance: Part 2--Why and How,  Buyske, Gail, The RMA Journal,v86n10, 94-100, 7 pages Jun 2004.

    Microfinance: Part I: Little but Mighty,  Buyske, Gail, The RMA Journal,v86n8, 58-61, 4 pages May 2004.

    Recommendations for Financial Analyst Best Practices in an Integrated European Financial Market,  The RMA Journal,v86n6, 80-82, 3 pages Mar 2004.

    Deciphering Annual Reports: How to Read Those Pension Accounting Footnotes,  Fitch, Thomas P. The RMA Journal,v85n10, 38-42, 5 pages Jul/Aug 2003.