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Letters of Credit

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A highly focused compilation of articles on Letters of Credit. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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    Give Banks Credit for Boosting International Trade, Goddard, Jason, G. ; Ajami, Riad A. The RMA Journal, v95n8, 10-15, 6 pages May 2013.



    Tales of WHOA! Issues of a letter of credit is liable to the beneficiary for dishonoring a draw for reasons unrelated to the documents presented with the draw., Weissman, Michael L. The RMA Journal, v86n3, 63, 1 page Nov 2003.



    Failure to Provide Clear and Unequivocal Notice of Nonrenewal of Letter of Credit Allows Beneficiary to Draw After Intended Termination Date, Weissman, Michael L. Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management, v82n5, 40, 1 page Feb 2000.



    Prepare to Set Sail... Traveling Overseas With Your Customer via Letters of Credit, Blue, Janell, Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management, v81n8, 18-21, 4 pages Apr 1999.



    Letters of Credit (LCs) are Enforceable Against a Failed Bank, According to a Recent Decision, Commercial Lending Newsletter, v27n12, 2, 1 page  Dec 1995.



    Developing Rational Policies for Letters of Credit, Harton, H. Lynn, Journal of Commercial Lending, v74n9, 14-25, 12 pages  May 1992.



    Letters of Credit, Credit Considerations I, v1, 329-333, 5 pages  1986 Updated in the 1999 all-in-one version.