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A highly focused compilation of articles on Securities Lending. Articles may come from The RMA Journal, The Commercial Lending Newsletter, or RMA’s publication, Credit Considerations.

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Table of Contents

FINRA: A Regulatory Stronghold on Securities Markets, The RMA Journal, v98n10, 49-51, 3 pages July-Aug 2016.

Securities Lending at a Cross Roads, Devlin, Frank, The RMA Journal, v96n1, 60-63, 4 pages Sep 2013.

An Interview with RMA s New Director of Securities Lending and Market Risk: Sharing Information Globally Is a Priority, McLaughlin, Kevin, The RMA Journal, v92n10, 56-58, 3 pages Jul/Aug 2010.

Assessing Securities Lending Risk-Return Performance in a Portfolio Context, Atkins, Ben ; Horner, Glenn, The RMA Journal, v88n9, 42-48, 7 pages May 2006.

Gets Confusing Fast: A Review of the GCF Repo Service, Ingber, Jeffrey F. The RMA Journal, v85n8, 46-51, 6 pages May 2003.

Investment Property: Perfection of Security Interests Through Control Agreements, McElroy, John M. Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management, v80n9, 28-31, 4 pages May 1998.

Quantifying Risks in Securities Lending Transactions, Sackville, Charles L. Stopford ; Faulkner, Mark C. ; Barrie, Andrew ; Hibbert, A. John, Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management, v80n9, 22-27, 6 pages May 1998.

Risk-Adjusted Performance Measurement for Securities Lending, Trencher, Jeffrey W. Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management, v80n9, 17-21, 5 pages May 1998.

Securities Lending: Safe and Sound, Zawaski, Bill, Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management, v80n9, 14-16, 31, 4 pages May 1998.