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M&A Playbook (Download)

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The RMA Bank M&A Playbook provides checklists, frameworks, data, and wisdom for financial institutions as they navigate the M&A process—from initial consideration to closing.

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This Playbook is divided into four sections:

  • The Introduction provides historical data from 2015-2019, as well as general M&A considerations.
  • Part I, “Applying Judgment to Bank Merger Checklists,” covers questions executives and directors should ask and answer before beginning merger discussions. For example: “Why do we believe the merger will not put at risk the acquiree’s most profitable current customer/client relationships?”
  • Part II, “Merger Checklists,” includes checklists regarding objectives and concerns covering due diligence, credit quality, legal, and regulatory issues.
  • Part III, “Synergy Risk and Disruption Risk During Mergers: Bank Merger Data 2014-2019,” puts into context data and metrics from recent M&A transactions, and what they mean for your institution’s experience.