Risk Analysis Service

RAS: The Industry Standard for Credit Risk Benchmarking

The RMA and AFS® Risk Analysis Service (RAS) is global banking’s only and most comprehensive database dedicated to credit risk benchmarking. Using our dynamic, web-based analytical platform, RAS members compare their own commercial loan data with that of peer banks and the industry across multiple asset types and segmentations, resulting in improved credit risk decision-making for all involved.

The RAS Database by the Numbers


Why Subscribe to RAS?

  • Access to the RAS database platform, which lets you intuitively slice and dice credit risk data to unearth insights relevant to your portfolio
  • Multifaceted comparative scorecards that illuminate relevant risk categories, including portfolio mix and performance, industry volatility rankings, and sector outlooks
  • Unlimited templated and ad hoc reporting to share findings with clients and colleagues
  • Expertly curated RAS data and analysis delivered through monthly bulletins, quarterly webinars, and other exclusive insights


How Subscribers Apply RAS Insights

The insights you uncover through RAS give you a leg up on the competition and help you better serve your clients. You can:

  • Set credit limits based on industry and geographical levels
  • Verify credit risk ratings and monitor them over time
  • Internally compare affiliates, regions, lines of business, and more
  • Identify the impact of credit policies in effect for periods of time
  • Compare bank performance in specific industries against peers
  • Explore acquired assets versus legacy assets
  • Establish policies based on peer comparison


Explore Webinars, Bulletins, and Other Insights

RAS’s member-led consortium expertly curates and analyzes RAS data on a regular basis to provide actionable insights on real-time risk and volatility across numerous industries and sectors.