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Risk Rating Solutions

Expert judgment-based scorecards for enhanced credit risk management



Many banks use an internally developed single rating system to analyze the ability and willingness of a borrower to repay a loan. This system has proven to be a basic solution for banks, as most don’t have the resources to develop a more advanced, custom dual risk rating system.

Up until now, affordable commercial dual risk rating scorecards have not been available. RMA Risk Rating Solutions enable banks to evaluate both the borrower and the loan to achieve greater granularity in quantifying and managing credit risk. 



Why Are Banks Moving to RMA Risk Rating Solutions?

  • Affordable - Yearly subscriptions that are more cost-effective than other similar tools. 
  • Built by Bankers - Our member banks’ vast pool of knowledge was consulted while building this tool.
  • Adaptable - Flexible deployment options available. RMA-hosted web-based platform or embedded in your third-party commercial lending software.
  • Intelligent Insights - Complete portfolio reports on risk concentrations and the ability to benchmark with other banks.



Advantages of Dual Risk Rating

  • Increases consistency, transparency, and objectivity in the rating process. 
  • Offers a more defensible method to evaluate risk as regulatory scrutiny increases. 
  • Enhances portfolio management by quantifying credit loss.
  • Improves risk and return calculations. 
  • Provides additional options for CECL.





Reduce loan processing time and increase transparency.

Speak to our experts about your needs and how we can help you and your institution. 

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