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Statement Studies Submission Information

Submission Details

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Instructions for electronic and manual submissions are listed below. Once you have generated your submission file and are ready to submit, please email with the submission files attached. 

Email or call (215) 446-4087 with any questions!

For institutions submitting computer-generated statements:

Download the Electronic Submissions Handbook

The submission guides below are designed to assist you in preparing your data for submission for various banking software.

Click on the name of the software to download the full guide or visit their support website. 

For those institutions unable to submit via electronic submission:

Download the Manual Submissions Handbook

We encourage you, whenever possible, to submit via electronic methods. However, we will be able to accept manual submissions if you are not able to generate an electronic submission.

Printable Submission Forms and Definitions

For Non-Contractors:

Non-Contractor Forms & Definitions


For Contractors:

Contractor Forms & Definitions


NOTE: All Printable Submissions MUST Include One Transmittal Form:

Transmittal Form

Access & Excel Specifications and Templates

Access Database:

Access Database Specifications

Access Database Template


Excel Spreadsheet:

Excel Specifications

Excel Template


RMA Custom Bridge

If you are using a customized version of your software, please contact your software provider for additional assistance. 


Additional Information:

RMA Guide to Spreading Financial Statements

When financial statements are not spread in accordance with RMA spreading guidelines, credit approvers are not provided with all the information they need to make the best informed credit decision.

RMA's Guide to Spreading Financial Statements surfaces what might have been otherwise overlooked risks. Once identified, those potential risks can then be factored into credit decisioning and loan structuring and lead to a more sound credit portfolio.


NAICS Mapping

The most recent edition of the 2020-2021 Annual Statement Studies was compiled using the 2017 NAICS, managed and revised by the US Census and OMB. 

For the 2021 Submission Campaign RMA will be accepting 2017 NAICS, and should any 2012 NAICS codes be received, we will be able to convert to the new 2017 NAICS.

For your reference, you may view the NAICS mapping, or you may view the US Census Bureau site


Software Companies

If you are a software company interested in incorporating and licensing the Statement Studies data into your products, contact Shea Scarpa Gardner at