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Statement Studies

Enhance financial decision making at your organization through reliable benchmarking data


Financial and risk professionals need high-quality benchmarking data to make smarter financial and operational decisions.

RMA Statement Studies® is the only source of comparative industry benchmark data on small and medium-sized borrowers and our data comes directly from RMA’s member institutions. 



Years of historical data

Sector reports 

Why do financial institutions and professionals use RMA Statement Studies?

Dive deeper into your industry analysis. Easily download Industry Comparison Tools for thorough examination and strategic decision-making.

  • Empower Your Decisions: Confidence through data-driven insights
  • Discover Trends: Unearth hidden industry insights to refine strategies
  • Pinpoint Strengths: Precision in growth strategy refinement
  • Data driven decisions: Craft precise plans and align with industry best practices

eStatement Studies 

Annual Online Subscription, for Users that require unlimited industry access, on a more frequent basis.
  • Unlimited industry access and insights
  • Access all RMA resources with single sign on
  • Report export to Excel, with easy-to-use Client Comparison Worksheets
  • IP restricted access available for enterprise-wide usage (for qualifying organizations)
  • Easily manage users with Administrator function
  • Enjoy multi-user subscription savings, or even more with exclusive member pricing


Explore the Statement Studies available options that solve for your specific needs. Not Ready?



eStatement Studies




Individual Download


Online via Single Sign On Printed Book PDF Download

Use if...

you require unlimited industry access, on a more frequent basis

you require access to multiple industries on a less frequent basis, via traditional, soft cover book

you require limited access to a specific industry

Financial Ratio Benchmarks  

Industry Default Probabilities


Number of Industries

627 627 1

Availability of Historical Data

25 years 5 years 5 years
Sector Reports 2,000+ - -

Regional Reports

- -

Excel/ Client Comparison Worksheets

- -

Bonus Metrics, i.e. EBITDA

- -


$720/user $575 $200/each





Additional Information on Statement Studies

Statement Studies Submission Campaign Resource Center

Join the RMA Member-Only Campaign, created by banks for banks. The current submission is closed and will reopen in Spring, 2024.


Financial Ratio Benchmarks (2023-2024):

This introductory document will help you understand and interpret financial ratio benchmarks. It details the presentation of the report, including header, footer, and line item explanations; ratio definitions; formulas; and quartile commentary.


Industry Default Probabilities and Cash Flow Measures (2023-2024):

This introductory document will help you understand and interpret the Industry Default Probabilities report. This document details presentation of the report, including header, footer, and line item explanations; ratio definitions; and formulas.


Look Up My NAICS:  

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) section of the U.S. Census website is a reliable resource for learning more about these standards and how to determine what NAICS code you should be using.


2023-24 Industry List:

A full list of the industries that have been included in the 2023-24 Annual Statement Studies.


Software Companies Interested in Licensing:

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Universities, Colleges, and Libraries interested in adding the eStatement Studies via IP Authentication

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