The New Normal: Digital Asset Corporate Actions

Considering’s Recent Digital Stock Dividend and its Implications for Securities Lending 

Digital assets and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are among the developments challenging the financial services industry’s status quo.  As the cloud of novelty and mysticism around the technology dissipates, it is clear that innovation has the potential to transform from end-to-end—across market participants and even how the industry operates. Securities lending participants must ensure an infrastructure that is prepared for emerging technologies such as digital assets, digital asset dividends, corporate actions, and DLT alternative trading systems. 

To examine, inform, synthesize, and facilitate an industry approach for adopting these new technologies, RMA’s Financial Technology & Automation Committee (the “Committee”) commissioned this white paper and an industry survey to study and begin formulating a roadmap.   

To effectively illustrate and benchmark the industry’s current position and readiness for engaging emerging technologies, the Committee conducted a case study of the events, circumstances, actions, and reactions by market participants with respect to’s recent digital dividend.   

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