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In the April RMA Journal Digital Edition: How ESG Risk Management Capabilities Impact Third-Party Risk

The April RMA Journal digital edition features an article based on a discussion with members of RMA’s Third-Party Risk Management Roundtable regarding ESG and third-party risk.

The article notes, “Corporate governance was an area of intense focus several years ago. This re­sulted in many companies separating the top senior leadership role. Most companies in the financial services sec­tor now operate with a non-executive board chair and a chief executive of­ficer. Concurrently, there was wide­ spread adoption of practices that im­proved board composition, structure, and oversight. Although corporate governance is not an area of focus for third-party ESG risk management, larger corpo­rations are retrofitting board account­abilities to enable effective oversight of ESG risk. Because board members provide oversight for strategy and risk, it is expected that their oversight of ESG risks and opportunities that have strategic value, align with business strategies, and have a significant impact on ESG objectives and commitments will soon include third-party ESG risk.”

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