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Performance Management: A Focus on the Balance Sheet

With the world facing a tough economic landscape, 2023 promises to be a testing time for businesses and the banks that serve and support them. As their corporate clients react to emerging economic uncertainty, banks need to assess their lending practices to get a clear view of how the financial climate will impact the growth and performance of their business. And, the uncertainty over future rate movements is putting pressure on net interest margins, making it a major concern for both banks and regulators. It also emerges as banks grapple with underlying growth in the complexity of treasury and asset/liability risk management (ALM) that has been ongoing for some time. Against this backdrop, banks realize they need to proactively manage their balance sheets to maintain growth and enhance profitability.

Learn how banks are responding by:

  • re-evaluating internal systems’ ability to respond rapidly to changing economic conditions that can impact balance sheet risk and returns
  • combining the modeling capabilities of ALM systems with the governance and reach of planning systems and the analytical power of advanced BI tools
  • creating business value through flexible scenario modeling that gives them a truly holistic view of the risk factors impacting the future performance of the business

Who will benefit? 
CRO, CFO, Controller, VP Finance, Treasury


  • Lazhare Djeffal, Director, Technology Sales, Wolters Kluwer
  • Rob Honens, Client Engagement Executive, CCH Tagetik North America

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