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Meet your need for a credit training program with RMA’s comprehensive learning opportunity

Many banks are experiencing a shortage of analysts and new lenders, and yet few are able to commit the resources needed for a traditional credit training program. To meet the need for a comprehensive, yet accessible credit training program, more and more institutions are turning to the RMA Commercial Lending School. Designed to be the equivalent of a bank’s commercial training program, the RMA Commercial Lending School offers an organized and comprehensive curriculum that will bring your team up to speed quickly. 



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Why Are Banks Finding RMA's Commercial Lending School Valuable?

Top Quality

Expert faculty with deep industry experience teach all CLS courses, facilitating greater instructor/participant rapport and enhancing the quality of learning.



A logical flow of information and balanced course offerings allows participants to develop and strengthen skills in all stages of the program.


Evidence-based Learning

Rigorous case assignments and exercises provide practice and reinforcement between class sessions, while teeing-up the next session’s focus.



Faculty review all work, providing detailed critiques of assignments that enables participants to gauge their progress and benefit from individual coaching.




About the Program

The RMA Commercial Lending School is delivering the training you need, when and where you need it. That means you can look forward to these offerings being held live online via the Zoom web conferencing platform. It’s the same great content, learning objectives, and expert instruction, but delivered to you in the comfort of your home or office. On classroom days, participants will join the web conference from their laptop or computer using a link exclusive to those in the School. Once joined, they’ll be greeted by the instructor and taken through the material, engage in exercises, receive coaching and feedback, interact with peers, and ask questions as needed-just like in a physical classroom





MinBanc Foundation

MinBanc Foundation Grants

Are you employed by a minority- or women-owned bank? RMA has partnered with MinBanc, which reimburses training costs for minority- and women-owned banks. To learn more or apply, visit