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Model Validation

Model Validation

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Make your model validations more efficient and cost-effective

Model risk managers know the practice of model risk management faces complex challenges. With regulatory scrutiny and high validation expectations comes the challenge of recruiting and retaining in-house talent or the increased expense of using outside firms. Modeling and model risk management expertise is critical - and hard to find.

RMA Model Validation fits seamlessly into your organization to help solve these issues. Backed by deep industry experience, we provide a suite of high-quality model validation services at a competitive price point. Regardless of model type, scale, or regulatory requirement, you can count on our experienced analysts to solve your biggest model validation and model risk management challenges.



Why Are Banks Using RMA Model Validation?

Cost Effective

Through the Model Validation Consortium, we use technology, similarities among models, and a large portfolio to improve your validation efficiency from a cost, timing, and quality perspective.



Validations and risk advice are scaled to meet regulatory guidelines while considering the size and risk profile of your banks and its models.

Built by Bankers

RMA is a member association of bankers advancing sound risk management, and we have a deep pool of model risk management experts that will ensure the quality of the product meets or exceeds regulatory guidelines.


Thought Leadership

Peer-sharing, practice studies, and surveys provide valuable information to members of the Model Validation Consortium to inform and guide model development, model validation, and overall model risk management practices at your institution.


Key Benefits

Savings of up to 20% compared to other firms

Validations managed by senior experts with 25+ years experience

Community of model risk managers to share best practices and peer-share

MRM Framework 710X470)

Complimentary Model Risk Framework Now Available: Learn how to fully capitalize on the benefits of models while simultaneously managing significant model risk.

Download the framework.

How does RMA Model Validation work?

RMA’s Model Validation is backed by the Model Validation Consortium, a group of industry and modeling experts who validate each other’s models, saving companies time and money and helping avoid errors and other issues.