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American Banker

“Talent Gap Poses Challenge as Banks Seek to Validate Their Models”

by Jon Prior

June 7, 2022

A decade after regulators began requiring banks to validate the effectiveness of their financial models, a talent shortfall is hampering the industry’s efforts to comply, a survey by RMA shows.

American Banker

“Regional Banks Join Forces to Tackle Climate Change”

by Allissa Kline

March 23, 2022

Two months after forming the Climate Risk Consortium of large banks, RMA has formed the Regional Bank Climate Risk Consortium. 

American Banker

"The Top Risks Facing Banks in 2022 are all Operational"

by Ed DeMarco and Michael Glotz

January 14, 2022

RMA's Ed DeMarco, head of Non-Financial Risk, and Michael Glotz, CEO of Strategic Risk Associates, discuss the emerging risks facing banks in 2022. 

American Banker

"Climate-Risk Disclosures are Fairly Easy. The Next Steps Aren't"

by Laura Alix

January 9, 2022

RMA President and CEO Nancy Foster discusses how banks are moving ahead on climate risk and why it’s better for them to be proactive than reactive.

The Wall Street Journal

"Climate Risks for Big Banks Could Hurt Financial System, OCC Says"

by Richard Vanderford

December 16, 2021

RMA's Nancy Foster, President and CEO, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal's article about the OCC's action on climate risk.

Securities Finance Times

"RMA and State Street Release ESG data white paper"

by Alex Pugh

June 4, 2021

RMA and State Street Associates were featured in an article discussing their recent whitepaper "Integrating ESG Considerations into Securities Lending," authored by the RMA Financial Technology and Automation Committee.

ESG Investor

"New Guidance for Investors on ESG-based Securities Lending"

by Chris Hall

May 28, 2021

RMA's Fran Garritt, Director of Global Markets & Securities Lending, partnered with PASLA Director Paul Solway to discuss the important of ESG in securities lending, and announced a new Global Framework for ESG policies and principles.


"Corporate Banking in 2021"

by Torsten Pull

February 16, 2021

A 2018 RMA study was quoted in this article discussing financial institution spend on compliance costs, and the impacts these high costs have on other areas of a financial institution.

"The End of Libor Could Raise Your Loan Payments"

by Kimberly Weisul

January 29, 2021

RMA's Fran Garritt, Director of Global Markets & Securities Lending, spoke to Kimberly Weisul about the impacts of the move away from Libor at the end of 2021, and how to be proactive with your bank if you have an adjustable loan based on Libor.